Samsung galaxy pocket, Ideos Y100, Alcatel OT918 and LG E3

In the recent past we have seen a big competition between this entry level smartphones many buyers are torn between this devices. For me i have spent sometime with the galaxy pocket and the Ideos Y100 between this two looking at the price i would pick the Y100 for its cheaper and slimer then the galaxy pocket. But getting inside into the interior i would pick the galaxy pocket its comes with a 3gb internal memory a faster CPU and actually it has a better virtual keyboard typing in the galaxy pocket is better than the Ideos Y100. If you love installing apps and wouldnt want to run out of memory pick the galaxy pocket if you not after apps but after a better memory the Ideos Y 100 is the one for you. But speaking of the battery the two devices will keep you going for a whole day without to much internet stuff. My comparison between the four devices will becoming soon. Even though this devices are this cheap they come with some compatibility issues they just can’t take all the apps in the android market.

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