New Wi-fi Plan

With this wi-fi plan goin on and plans of expanding it being carried on i have got some few things running in my mind with just how the this plan will help kenyans take full advantage of the internet. Yea many people are goin for smartphones with Wi-Fi capabilities but is there someone asking himself/herself how many people with this wi-fi enabled devices know how to utilise them. I know many Nairobians just buying this gadget just for the name ‘i own a smartphone’ many kenyans dont know how to fully utilise them and the few who know may be also reluctant in buying them, this is due to the funny thoughts running in their minds as to whats the need of buying an expensive gadget that will be just stolen and noone will do anything about it. If this guys want their plan to work they got to teach Kenyans on the advantages of a smartphone and also increase security in Kenya right now i can say its at its lowest point in this Kibaki era.
Anyway thanks alot guys for this big step


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