Reasons why google plus is awesome than other social sites.

Okay in recent times we are seen alot of social medias coming around. to names them there’s the famous on Facebook which i geuss its gradually degrading or let me say gradually loosing fans. Yeah. true that. main reason being its got alot of fake accounts and with this alot of fake people and this is what will actually bring facebook down if its not adress quickly and more strictly. The only reason i know people are in facebook is because everyone is on it not because everything is in it.
Twitter is far much better one big reason there no adverts thats y people love it. second there is no those looooong stories.. that kind of puts me totally off. In me twitter is like the quote book. Yeah. thea to read people doing dumb/crazy quotes and am all smiling. Am not gona touch on the others they aint that famous.
now google plus. This is the site that when i am bored/want to see whats happening around/n with a pretty awesome browser like chrome i turn to.
Reasons are:
1. easy no complicated ui
2. No/Very little fake accounts
3. Quick that is its linked to my gmail account. sharing is a tap away
4. The audience is worldwide
5. Very little spamming/no spams
6. I choose what i want to view
7. easy search
8. Linking is pretty easy
9. Everything is in it unlike the others everybody is in it
10. Its where everybody will be in future.(Just a thought)
Finnally i can view whats happening around. alerts on events e.t.c


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