The Website

We all know what a web site is. Yeah the web page that sell your company, that tell about your goals and everything. But there are a few things that make me want to call a website owner and ask him/her which generation they exist in.

Here are a few things i think can sell your website a lot

1. Your website design if you can’t design well look for a good designer
2. Avoid too much literature. Yea people are tired of reading the screen they want to watch
3. Pictures. Picture speak a lot
4. Slides like dropdowns. people are tired of clicking around. Make your website look ‘jellyish’
5. Adverts. Dont mix adverts with you content atleast place them aside.

You website page should give a quick expression of what its all about. And a pretty good one will make a viewer spend more time even if he/she doesn’t know exactly about your products or service.

Atleast try and adopt auto fit in window when someone minimizes the browser a little let him or her not scroll sideway or up n down a lot.

I think there is a need to mention this even if you place pic that is attractive picture related to your products or services let the photos be changed after 6-12months. It puts off a frequent clients when they visit your site and find that it has never changed. Its like Renovation or something like putting the same suit colour all through out people will think you are monotonous or u just boring.


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