next generation

This does not need any hard thinking 
For a modern guy who uses internet in one way or another he/she will mostly likely use one of googles services even Steve Jobs i geuss he used google a couple of times but maybe in hiding(#joking) i know he used google maps. Anyway through with that, was saying everyone in this generation is mostly using a google product or service one or more doesnt matter what am trying to say that is that in the coming future google might be a day in day out necessity. I know even kids who dont know well of internet know google.I bet also Software producers are feeling a bit if not totally threatened by google aggresiveness. Starting from its Chromium OS for computers to Android and the other likes of its services.
Am just wondering what the next generation might be named or the coming species of human beings
From homo sapien-sapiens to homo-android-droid or homo-googler.. Lol. Have a nice day guys


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