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lizzy (@lizzyshiko) tweeted at 8:15 PM on Thu, Nov 15, 2012:
U stop tryin soo hard the day smbody qsnz wat u said in the past.if they dnt biliv u let them be…n concentrate on urself

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Pharmacist:how many condomz would u like sir?
Boy:give me a pack…actually give me two gal iz hot and her mum iz hotter.
…during dinner…girlfriend’s dad enters and the boy puts his head on his hands and starts praying!!
Girl:aaw honey..i never knew u were so relegious
Boy:…looks at the gal & sayz…u neva told me ur dad waz a pharmacist!!

Just don’t.

Dont send me a 😉 face nd then wonder y i show up at your house naked.
Dnt expect me to take u out all those tymez n i accept it wen u ‘friendzone me’
Dnt lead me on wit the kolz n texts then tell me u aint interested in me.
Dnt expect i wnt tell my friendz ur a b***h wen u dump me…aaand that i did the dumpin though u did it..

Actually in short….dnt expect me not to think like a guy..perrioood!!