Next generation gadget Google Marketing

Sitted back and thinking

Not every person in the world gets a touch of the high end smartphones which make history like the androids nexus and many more like iphones. Everyone wants to feel or see how the device gives services. Like in the example of myself before i get to get a touch of the nexus it will be some time maybe past mid next year. 
What i was actually thinking is what if the google virtual market could be able to give a browser a touch of this tech. Like in for example a biult in emulator in the chrome which gives potential buyers and admirers a feeling of the nexus pieces atleast to keep all guys in almost the same tech spot. People love cool gadgets but not all people can own this gadgets some will window shop for them but will end up never buying
If i was a Developer i would work on this but for now am not (hoping to be one in the near future). 
For example as for now the nexus is just selling in a few countries but how many people are dying to feel it to see it or just touch it. I bet millions and even others cant afford Funny world. 
Anyway there are a few things that can make this even more interesting
Like even givingvthe effect like you browsing with it and many more Sounds crazy but tech is all crazy itself.


nexus expandable memory

There is alot of negative feedback of the nexus family having no expandable memory. The big reason is because smartphone lovers tend to turn their smartphones into their portable libraries let me call it the smallest portable computer. For some who got the 8gb nexus will have to keep their old gadgets as back up memory. For me the reason i see google decided to do this is more or less with marketing the nexus with huge memories could not market so well reason behind being that people would opt to buy the 8gb nexus for its cheaper and then expand its memory with buying a 32gb sd card and insert it.

I read that google reason for facing sd cards is because of reasons like confusion to the user where his/her files are being saved at? Yea that might be true but? How many get this confusion?


Anyway this is my suggestion to google.

Return the expandable memory but in a different style we always want to have extra memory. What of an external expandable memory as in a memory stick/pendrive or what you call it.


This is my idea.

People want more memory. yea give it to them but in a different approach

With a pendrive one can remove files from his/her device and create more space for others.

include a usb port at the side of the nexus gadget

Its there just like for backup. Image going hiking and you using your device for photos the memory is full thats it no more photos or you start deleting the old ones to get more photos..kinda frustrating. With a memory stick one can copy his whole memory to the external memory take up new photos and when he/she is back to his/her room he/she can slowly organise files




OR MAKE Small external hard drives with ANDROID BEAM


Or come up with an expandable memory drive which uses the android beam.hook it at the back of your gadget and take photos while it saves and autosync when you through unhook it and goon with your nexus fun.




anyway i havent got a nexus so i cant say alot about it